Hosting Provincials – Gold Medal Champs!

This past weekend Mossbank, with the help of Assiniboia high school, hosted 1A Boys’ Volleyball Provincials. It was amazing to see the community and staff come together and take on the daunting task; it may seem small but all of the little things add up! And once again, it was a great opportunity to give back to my school and volunteer for SRC (working on global fundraising to buy goats, cows, etc. and employ Kenya women/support families) and scorekeeping the games. It didn’t hurt that our coed team got PROVINCIAL GOLD either. They played so well and as a solid unit! Their efforts, as well as those of my colleagues, make me very proud to be at Mossbank school! 🙂

Kindergarten works of art:


Some of the various food served and meals we provided:


Go Mossbank Go! Lots of kids had signs, too!


The gold medal on display with the District gold medal that my boys earned this same season! Talk about success!


#1 team in the province:



Coaching, Coaching, and More Coaching!

Last weekend our Mossbank Bantam Boys Volleyball Team got 1st place at Districts! After a rather on-and-off playoff tournament the previous weekend, where they still came out victorious despite a shaky start to the day, it was nice to see the boys come out stress free and playing their best! Whether it was the starting lineup or the guys cheering on the bench, all the students made me a proud coach! Sports – or teams and groups in general – are so vital for children. I believe the boys were doing more on the court than bumping and spiking a ball. They were learning how to persevere, come back from a loss, be a good sport, respect opponents, cope when things aren’t going their way, shake off mistakes, take and use feedback, support and cheer on one another, take turns on the sidelines but give it their all when they got on the court, set and meet goals, and celebrate successes. They were learning that they can be good at something if they practice. They were learning that all members and roles in a group matter. They were learning how to be inclusive. They were having fun. They were learning. And just maybe they will connect those two ideas!