Related Experiences

Related Experience

February 2015 – July 2015                            

Autism Interventionist

Regina Qu’Appelle Health Region Child and Youth Services, Autism Services, Regina, Saskatchewan

Responsibilities: administer discrete-trail-training and the Picture Exchange Communication System through faded prompting and reinforcements to meet the programming goals of pre-school aged children; keep specific, objective data; provide and plan for community socialization programming and respite care; communicate progress to both parents and clinicians


September 2012 – April 2015                             

Literacy Tutor

Campus for All, University of Regina, Regina, Saskatchewan

Responsibilities: provide social opportunities and connections for adults with intellectual disability; model positive social relationships; motivate by positive means; act as a guide on the side; assist with the completion of modified course assignments; differentiate content, instructional strategies, resources, and assessment; develop literacy (essay writing and reading) and organizational (goal setting and time management) skills; assist with career preparation

 Campus for All Write-Up                                             


November 2009 – December 2014          

Coaching and Advising

Bantam Boys’ Volleyball, Cross Country, Student Representative Council and We Day Committee, Mossbank School, Mossbank, Saskatchewan (September-December 2014)

Junior Girls’ Basketball, Robert Southey School, Southey, Saskatchewan (November 2009 – June 2011)

Responsibilities: teach the relevant skills; motivate by positive means; plan and facilitate discussions, meetings, competitions and practices; provide opportunities for student growth and independence; act as a positive role-model

IMG_3767volleyball 14volleyball 2014


July 2011 – July 2015                 

Senior Counsellor (February – August 2014)

Medication Counsellor (May 2012 – August 2013)

Counsellor-in-Training (July – August 2011)

Camp Easter Seal, Saskatchewan Abilities Council, Saskatoon, Saskatchewan

Responsibilities: ensure safety, welfare, comfort, enjoyment, and independence of campers ages 6 to 70+ with level 2 to 4 care needs; assist with recruitment, interviews, and staffing; provide adequate, continuous training to all staff; provide constructive, unbiased verbal and written feedback and conflict resolution; review camper files and act as case manager; work as a liaison between the care provider, camp manager, camp nurses, counsellors, and dietitian; implement behavior modification plans; provide attendant care; administer medications under the direction of the camp nurse; assist with medical emergencies; serve, housekeep, and maintain campers’ belongings

Camp Easter Seal Performance Review 1Camp Easter Seal Perfomance Appraisal 2 Camp Easter Seal Performance Appraisal 3   Skills Assessment skills assessment page 2


May 2011 –  April 2014                      

Ambassador Leader/Senior

Ambassador Program, University of Regina, Regina, Saskatchewan

Responsibilities: act as 1 of 14 University of Regina representatives; plan and promote Welcome Week activities and other social events; organize and execute a fundraiser committee (Camp Easter Seal Steak Night); lead campus tours and Junior/Senior Ambassador training

Ambassador 2 AmbassadorSaskatchewan Abilities Donation 


September – December 2013          

Tutor Mentor

Campion College, Regina, Saskatchewan

Responsibilities: assist instructor with delivery, differentiation, and assessment of English 100; provide one-on-one tutoring and feedback

 English 100 page 1 English 100 page 2English 100 page 3 English 100 page 4


June 2009 – August 2011                  

Youth Worker

Southey Play Program, Southey, Saskatchewan

Responsibilities: plan and execute activities for children with various abilities ages 5 to 12; clean facility

Activities  and Interests

  • Membership: Participant in the UR Guarantee and UR Fit programs at the University of Regina, Regina, Saskatchewan.
  • Personal Interests: coaching, writing, reading, cooking, and exercising (running, biking, swimming, and basketball)
  • Volunteering: Taking notes for students with varying abilities, social event coordinating with Astonished!, and participating in the Campion College Engaged Learning Program at the University of Regina, Regina, Saskatchewan.

Campion College Engaged Learning Program Huda School Science Fair


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