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Kourtney Gorham

I am a Student Support Teacher in Moose Jaw, Saskatchewan. I received my Bachelor of Education degree and Certificate of Extended Studies in Inclusive Education from the University of Regina. My long term goal is to become an Educational Psychologist. I have been involved with a wide range of experiences related to teaching: coaching basketball, volunteering with Campus for All, working at Camp Easter Seal, etc. These endeavors have been valuable tools for learning about those with varying abilities, differentiating instruction, and supporting inclusive environments. My professional interests include working with students of all abilities, teaching early literacy, and coaching basketball. My hobbies include playing recreational basketball, taking spin classes, and reading.

I would like to thank everyone who has been part of my lifelong journey to becoming and being an educator. “A teacher affects eternity; she can never tell where her influence stops” – Henry Adams. I am thankful for those in my life, especially my family, who support and believe in me to fulfill the important role we call teaching!

Please feel free to leave comments; I look forward to connecting with you!

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Our Favorite Learning Tools!

I asked my Grade 1s to share some of their favorite tools for learning! Here are their top picks:

Emotions/Classroom Community:

This year I combined Inside Out lessons with our Bucket Filling, good/poor choices, and Zones of Regulation emotional programming. I have found that the students are more engaged with the lessons and are able to relate better.. (this could be because we watch the movie together with some delicious popcorn!?). The “Let’s Talk About” book series is also a learning tool that we utilize.

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The Zones of Regulation Presentation  (see Zones of Regulation Curriculum by Leah Kuypers for resources)




The Grade 1s enjoy Flashlight Fridays and using our slinkies to sound out words, our ropes to retell a story, and our mirrors to visualize our pronunciation of words and letter sounds!



Sight Word and Alphabet Learning:

The students love forming letters with magnets, salt, play dough, and shaving cream. Writing on our Buddha boards and chalkboards is always fun, too! Some alphabet and sight word games that they enjoy are: upper/lower match boxes with popsicle sticks, bowling, fishing, balloon pop, ball toss, golfing, toppling bunnies, scavenger hunts, fly swatter, cup stacking, bingo dabber, egg flip, and toppling towers sight word/alphabet games. We enjoy sounding out CVC words on our pool noodles and by jumping in our hula hoops. As a teacher, my favorites are the word walls and my Lakeshore rhyme and alphabet buckets with initial sound or word family toys/examples. The picture cards are also a great find! As always, I recommend the Florida Center for Reading Research for engaging, research-based phonics and phonological awareness games.


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