Flickr 5 Card Picture Stories to Spark Creativity in ELA

Here is my example:

Five Card Story: Parking in a Delivery Zone

a Five Card Flickr story created by Kourtney:

flickr photo by bionicteaching

flickr photo by bionicteaching

flickr photo by bionicteaching

flickr photo by bionicteaching

flickr photo by bionicteaching

Due to the overflow of humans on the planet we call earth, parking can be a real nightmare. In a haste to get your morning donut, you ignore that “no parking: delivery zone” sign.” You rebel, you! But as luck would have it, today is delivery day! The Pepsi worker/deliverer is definitely unimpressed. They park down the street but just as they are about to start hauling the boxes of delicious goodness, they decide it’s too early in the morning to deal with this garbage! The driver gets back in their semi still full of product and burns some rubber on the pavement. Just as you walk out of the store, you hear a screeching sound and the smell of rubber. “Uh-oh” you think. The owner of the store comes out in a fury and tells you that you are no longer allowed to buy donuts or order those weird looking leafy things that you always devour. Was it squash? Was it zucchini? You didn’t even know but you loved them. Furthermore, the store owner takes the Lord’s name in vain and points at the sign: “we bill you with toll-by-plate.” The worst part is the owner took the donut right from your hand. How can all this happen before 9 a.m., you think? Back to following the rules… but first to get away before the cops arrive!

I think this can be a great activity to use in ELA classrooms to spark creativity, introduce the writing process, and help with breaking the ice a bit. You could also edit stories and work on grammar/spelling, etc. Plus, it is a great opportunity to add humor into the classroom, which strategies such as SHEMR (sing, humor, emotional connection, movement-based, and repeat) by William Bender encourage.

What ways do you bring humor and creativity into your classroom to engage learners?


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