About Me!

Kourtney Gorham

Education: I grew up in Southey, Saskatchewan and attended school at Robert Southey School. I am currently enrolled in my fourth year and final semester of my B.Ed. degree at the University of Regina (English and Inclusive Education). I am also working towards my Inclusive Education Certificate. My goal is to one day become an Educational Psychologist.

Experiences: I have been involved with a wide range of experiences related to teaching. In 2009 and 2010 I co-coached the junior girls’ basketball team at Robert Southey School. In 2011 and 2012 I helped instruct at basketballs camp at Robert Southey School. At the University of Regina I am a member of the Ambassador and the UR Guaranteed programs. I have had the opportunity to volunteer with both the Campus for All and Astonished programs. These two programs have been beneficial and have increased my understanding of working with those who have varying abilities, differentiating instruction and assessment, and maintaining inclusive environments. I also have enjoyed watching my student’s reading level improve and was proud as she wrote her first essay. I have spent the last four summers working as a medication counselor/senior counselor at Camp Easter Seal, which is the only completely wheelchair accessible and level four equipped camp facility in Saskatchewan. During my internship I coached Bantam Boys’ Volleyball and Cross Country. I advised the SRC and We Day Communities and could always be found tutoring/working with students during my “lunch break.”

Interests: I am interested in healthy eating and working out. I am particularly fond of running, biking, swimming, and TRX training. I used to run half-marathons on my own… for fun… but now I am more of a 10k gal! I love to cook/bake and do low-key things with my closest family and friends. If I have time, I love to read. And since I am confident enough to be myself, I will admit that I LOVE to clean/organize. (I’m not as boring as that makes me sound).

My professional interests include a strong desire to work with students of all abilities, both in the classroom and through extracurricular activities. I can often be found researching said topics… and posting my thoughts/resources to this blog!

Worldview: I am a very strong socialist, as I believe we need to provide programs for all in our society. You could say, I like a good underdog story. I believe that everyone has a right to an education and should be included in our society. I am also interested in protecting our environment and I have personal goals to reduce my waste/not use plastic, etc. I have a long way to go but I have been a vegetarian for two years now and work hard to avoid non-organic products and corporations who do not share my environmental values.

Technology in the Classroom: Well… it is not going away anytime soon. Technology is here to stay, regardless of the love-hate relationship I have with it. Therefore, it is time for me to learn how to best use it in the classroom! This can be a challenge (I know how to use it for myself but not always how to use it with students and best use class time/resources/curriculum outcomes). My goal now is just to try it and keep an open mind. If I start small and try to implement a couple of things as a new teacher and work from there, I would consider that successful.

I look forward to meeting you all and working with you throughout the semester! Please feel free to search my blog and leave comments! 🙂



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