Making sense of #cue13

Awesome Apps and descriptions for your 21st century learners! Take a look!

Ms. Proch

Cue the Resources for CUE

I have no idea how to sum up everything in a few blog posts. If I were to, it would take me a long time to type and then I would stop typing it before sharing it. I’ll make an attempt to share as much as possible in a timely way. After all, I know you are busy because you’re an educator.

The Computer Using Educators conference took place in Palm Springs in March.  They have them at other times too, but what is important to note is while I was gone I shopped, ate, learned and tanned in 30 degree, sunny weather while Regina endured a blizzard.

On Thursday, March 14th  I attended a session called “iPads and Literacy: Where Technology Meets the Book”   done by Andrew Smith. His resources are on his page, so I will talk about what I have done…

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